Monday, 24 April 2017

"We Endanger Species"

First USCM Squad completed. These are beautiful figures by Prodos Games. Apologies that my heavy handed painting style and poor photography do not do them justice.

Five figures in an add on box or five with the 1st edition boxed game. So you get three marines with pulse rifle, one using a scanner, one with flamethrower also holding a medic bag and one smart gunner. All of these come in three parts, body and two arms. Technically the smart gun is in two parts since both arms are 'fixed' to the gun. Needed to do a bit of filling on the joints once arms were in position but nothing to tedious.

I have gone for a WW2/Vietnam faded OD utilities look. Leaning more towards WW2. Inspiration mainly coming of the USMC colour film of the landings on Tarawa, Iwo Jima and everywhere else. Plus the paintings by Tom Lea who landed on Peleliu.

The WW2 look was further influenced by the fact that the USCM are wearing modified MI helmets,  the M41A Pulse Rifle is based around the Thompson Submachine Gun and the Smart Gun around the MG42.

The bases are from Fenris Games. I did initially want to give them a grey colour reminiscent of the grey used on US warships. But I was not happy with result so used Tamiya light blue over medium blue. With chipping and weathering I think it looks effective.

'Wot no camo?' No, nor will there be. I am well aware that the scheme is not 'accurate' to the film but 'In Space no need for will not help any'.

Will be adding at least one more squad, at least. So in the words of Pfc Vasquez 'LETS ROCK'

That's it for now more to follow soon....


Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Habitat one ... Part 4

Moving on. Adding more weathering to the structure. To begin with I used AK Interactive Afrika Korp wash and MIG Ammo Dark Wash on some of the roof and side panels to give variations in shade. These were thinned so to build up a gradual shade. Also used MIG Ammo Light Rust Wash around the 'nut and bolts'. On the side panels a used a brush dampened with thinner to drag on down. The handrails have been added. These have been chipped using the sponge method. The same rust wash applied all over but thinned and then applied in selected areas neat.

Next I began by using Dark Brown oil paint to streaks down the side and on selected areas on the roof. Then AK Interactive Afrika Korp Streaking Grime on the side panels only. Then finally a wash of black pigment, from Forge World, mixed with water.

The Pigment wash was again applied in certain areas and then stippled and pulled down to give streaks of dirt. The Humbrol stippling brushes were good for this.  

At this point I have also added some MIG Ammo Dark Earth pigment with the black to the roof to give the appearance of a build up of grime in selected areas.


Finally. Started work on the furniture for the interior.

These are Ainsty Castings bunk beds. I've used lead foil to represent blankets. Picked that up from Scale Link

That's it for now more to follow soon...