Wednesday, 10 May 2017


Xenomorph XX121

The first of the Xenomorph's are completed. I have so far two Infant Warriors, five Warriors and one Stalker. These are the terms used to identify them in the AvP board game.

Infant Warriors

These are essentially the Alien from 'Alien'. With the smooth domed head.


The Alien from 'Aliens'. With the ridged dome head.


The Alien from 'Alien3'

Hopefully you get a size comparison from the last photo. Depending on which source you read the Infants and Warriors can be referred to as Drones and the stalker as a Lurker. Personally I prefer Warrior for all of them. I do not like the suggestion that the XX121 is an insect like Drone. Even though terms like Hive/Drone/Queen are used I prefer to take the view that each creature has it's own intelligence and individuality. Makes it seem more lethal.

I'm also painting all my Xenomorph's black. The Alien from the third movie is described as having a reddish-brown colour but I like black. Makes them look more menacing. As they should!

These are all Prodos Games models and are full of detail. The bases are from Fenris Games from the aptly named 'Sulaco' range.

Have not got round to fully reading the rules yet for AvP but I'm also thinking of using the Ganesha Games 'Mutants and Death Ray Guns' rules with maybe some of the 'Flying Lead' rules throw in. Check out Fantorical blog for the M&DRG games and my buddies The Secret Wargamer blog for our on going Zombie campaign set in peaceful rural Midshire, using the Flying Lead rules. Which is run by our other gaming buddy affectionately known as Mr. Grumpy.

Last couple of photos to give an idea of the size of the Xenomorph to the USCM or a human!

That's it for now more too follow soon.....


  1. Marvelous posting Mark. Those Aliens look awesome imho. I too painted mine black, as its the only colour for them in my books. Thanks very much fr the shout-out too, very much appreciated :-)

  2. Thank you. Totally agree that black is the way to go for the Aliens. And your welcome.

  3. Superb looking Aliens Mark, love the details and the movement impression...

    1. Thanks Phil. The resin is soft enough to heat with hot water and re-position parts of the figure.