Tuesday, 17 October 2017

'Like wolves into the fold'

Finally got my Early Saxon warband finished for Dux Britanniarum by the TooFat Lardies.

This project started way back in about 2010/11(?) when I started to build an army for  Warhammer Ancient Battle for use with the Age of Arthur supplement. I completed a small unit of Gedriht (Hearthguard) and some Duguth (Older Warriors) and then it sputtered to a halt.

I'd also picked up 'Glutter of Ravens' by Dan Mersey and did consider using the Saxon's for that and build a small Romano-British army to use against them. But that went no where.Nothing against the rules. There DBA style with a few added twists, and look like good fun.

Then Dux Britanniarum was launched and I decided to re-organise for that rule set. So I completed a unit of Geoguth (Younger Warriors) and a couple of Thegns to use as leaders. Three quarters of the skirmishers and had everything else based. But once again it was put on the back burner.

So, nearly there, a couple of weeks ago I convinced one my of good wargaming bubbies he really needed a Romano-British army and so the seed was planted and nurtured. He then agreed he really needed a Romano-British too! Amazing!

I then completed my Atheling, Champion, my last skirmisher and all the unit bases. Had too re-base some of the older figures (about half ) onto 2p coins which would magnetise, and 'Bob's your Uncle' the basic force is finished. At last!

Atheling- Gripping Beast figure. Penda the last Pagan King of Mercia.

Thegns-First one Gripping Beast

Musketeer Miniatures-aka Footsore Miniatures

When I started this project Footsore where still called Musketeer Miniatures and the Early Saxons I used from their range were just being released. (So I'm not actually sure when I started this project).

Champion-Gripping Beast

Gedriht-Footsore Miniatures

I'ved used a mix of larger shields and smaller bucklers for these. But my intention was to use the army for 4th-6th Centuries. So this would include the Barbarian (Great) Conspiracy of 367 (Great Conspiracy) to roughly the end of the period when Arthur, may, have existed. The accepted wisdom seems to be that the Saxon's fought in a more open style using bucklers for defence/attack during this period and not the shield walls of the later Saxon kingdoms.

The Gedriht were influenced by the Rohan Royal Guard from the 'Lord of the Rings' movies. This was done to give a feeling of unity and back then I was using mainly GW paints so replicating the colours may not be straight forward if I want to add more. Plus of course the Rohan were based on Anglo-Saxon's by Tolkien not Vikings as the film makers would have had us believe. 

Duguth and Geoguth-Gripping Beast

Again I've used a similar schemes on the shields. Black, yellow, white or a natural leather finish, Again to add a bit of unity to the figures. These figures were painted mainly with Foundry or Vallejo colours.

Skirmishers-Gripping Beast


Going forward I intend to add a few more figures to use for reinforcements in the game and then get round to painting a Romano-British force. So in another seven years or so I should be finished!

I hope to build the force up to use for larger battles too.

Base  trays are from Warbases....of course.

That's it for now. More to follow...



  1. Wonderful job, love the fisrt one 'Vae Victis' concentrated in a single figure!

    1. Thanks Phil. Glad you like them. You are correct that figure does have the 'Vae Victis' felling. Lets hope it works on the gaming table:)