Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Progress Report

So this blog will now be used for my gaming projects which are not 40K aligned. As with my other blog The Puritanical Heretic I intend to use this platform to record progress on various projects. There should be pieces added to this blog but I may sort that out latter. I do not intend to be to fussy about the photos, since this blog will be used more like a diary to keep me update about what I am have done, doing and have to do for wargaming projects.

First up Vikings....

Three of these models have been pictured before but were on single bases. The figure with the halved shield (second from left) I painted last week. I intend to base them for DBA and this is just a mock up to get an idea of spacing. The base is from Renedra though I picked them up from Arcane Scenery (highly recommend Arcane Scenery, always great service). The base is 60x30mm which I intend to use all close order troops. Having bought DBA V3, there is now a bit of leeway given on basing. The Vikings are classed as Blades, and base size as far as I recall used to be for Warband only. So I intend to base four figures for Blades and three for Warband to tell them apart.

Also prepped the next four figures..

Now its been a long time since I played DBA or DBM. But recently having been playing HotT. Never played the fantasy version before but the mechanics came back to me and been having some cracking games. So hence my intention to base the Vikings then Late/Middle Saxons for DBA. The figures are all from Gripping Beast.

The Hordes of the Things games have been in 15mm and I have no 15mm ancient/medieval armies any more nor any Fantasy armies. But.....suddenly I was presented with an opportunity to buy figures from  the lovely 15mm Barbarica range by Copplestone Castings; so I did. First three figures prepped for painting today. 

I intend to base them as Warband (three figures to a base) and base the army on the Aesir/Vanir of Howards Hyboria. Which I think all this range draws inspiration from the Conan stories.

The Vikings will be a slow burn project since the HotT army must take priority.



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    1. Thank you Michal. It's nice to be back and I have a lot to catch up with. Particularly your blog!

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    1. Thank you Phil. As above and I've missed your excellent AAR. I'm sure I will quite to catch up with!