Friday, 24 March 2017

A Working Title.LV-537

Finally got round to picking up the AvP : The Hunt Begins by Prodos Games (First Edition) at Christmas just gone.

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First Edition

It looks like the Second Edition is available now; Wayland Games

So back to the First edition. Well cannot say much; have not got round to playing it yet. But have started to paint the figures, which I had seen before and they are lovely.

Even though I like board games, this is more of  a wargame to me. So what it needs is 3D terrain. If you are old enough to remember the release of 'Alien' then you will remember that 'Aliens' seemed even better. USCM vs Xenomorphs. Still love that film. So the scene was set. The USCM and Xenomorphs would be first on the list and will get round to the Predators eventually. So I needed my own Hadley's Hope colony as on LV-426 or Archeron.

The question was how to go about it. Build the colony from scratch. Possible to make a facsimile. Others have done so but would mean a lot of work and trying to recreate a replica of the film's colony which I decided may get problematic....getting it accurate. Use commercially available starship corridors like those made in resin by Ainsty Castings or in MDF by Blotz. I looked at several options, but I wanted buildings and kept coming back to some Sci-Fi buildings made by Sarissa Precision.

They have been around for a while and I liked the design when they were first released.  So I decided to take the plunge and ordered one of the large habitation pods with a side access panel.

Habitation Pod - Family with 1 Side Access Panel

The modular design of the product would suit my needs perfectly. As soon as it arrived I started to build the basic design and then decided I would do some little conversions to make them fit in with what I wanted.

So the working title of my colony will be LV-537. No reason for this other than it will not be 'Hadley's Hope'. LV-537....simply added one to the each of the numerals of 426. I'm not decided if this will be the end designation for the project. But for now it will fit. 

That's it for now more to follow....

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