Friday, 24 March 2017

Return to the Fray

So firstly, why a new blog? Simple answer I decided my previous blog 'The Repple Depple Clubhouse' had become to cluttered and I wanted a fresh start. I intend to kept that blog open but it is very unlikely I will be adding to it.

My intention is to restrict this blog to a few projects. These are some new and some which have been growing for a while. The main reason for returning to the blogging circuit is to start to record my progress for myself, once again of my main interests. By interests I mean wargaming projects. I may add game reports, and other wargaming related posts but I want to have a blogging diary of projects as they advance along the 'to do' highway.

At present I have the following projects which are top of my list (clue for one in the blog header photo!)

Main Projects

1. AvP. Not hard to guess if you are observant. Prodos games hit the nail straight the head with this one. Finally a Alien(s) based game with great miniatures. Version 2 just about to be released. Not a Kickstarter backer, so if you were and are still waiting for Version 1 to fully arrive, you have my sympathies.

2. First Lebanon War 1982. 20mm modern project. Since I have been commissioning figures through Bill Weston at Underfire Miniatures for IDF and Syrians at present. I'm quite keen on this one.

3. Walking Dead. Mantic Games 'All Out War' release. Big fan of the Walking Dead, both of the Comics and TV show. Had to back the Kickerstarter on this one. To the TV fans no Daryl 😭.It's following the Comic stories. But who knows what could happen the future.

4.  Stone Age Tribal Combat. Yep that's right Cavemen vs Cavemen. Or more accurately Cro-Magnon's vs Neanderthal. With Mammoth hunts thrown in for good measure. Having painted up some of the Lucid Eye, Cro-Magnons for my daughter's school project, I was hooked. Also have a soft spot for all things prehistoric. Which some would argue could also include me😂

5. French Foreign Legion. FFL in 28mm c1900 in North Africa. Yep I'm going all 'Beau Geste'. I'm using Artizan and Unfeasibly Miniatures figures.

Secondary Projects

1. Cold War 1984. In 6mm. Been tempted with recent releases in 15mm but will stick with the smaller scale.

2. Anthropomorphic Animals. This is in 28mm using the Oathsworn range. Lovely figures. Small scale skirmish but using armed Mice, Rats and Badgers , etc. Just for fun.

3. WW2 in the Far East. In 28mm. I want to concentrate on the Malaya/Burma campaigns from 41-45.

4. Gladiators. That's Roman Gladiators of course. In 28mm. Did start to build an arena last year but got sidetracked. Again just for fun. Well it's all for fun, right?

5. Viking Invasion of England c9th. In 28mm. Along running project which has stopped and started. I intend to concentrate on the period of the Great Army and Alfred.

So far amount there. Enough to keep me busy and it does not include a few projects which have stalled and I would like to return to as well.

At present the AvP is my main focus so I will begin posting on that soon.

That's it for now more to follow..... 

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  1. A great start to your new blog and some interesting projects in the pipeline.