Saturday, 25 March 2017

Habitat One...Part 2

The supporting internal wall has been painted separately and like the rest of the internal space weathered internally with AK Interactive Track Wash. The door after basic painting has been chipped using the sponge technique with MIG Ammo Chipping Fluid and then Track Wash applied. The wash is only applied around selected areas and when dry or nearly dry a GW small drybrush is dampened with thinners and used to 'push' the wash around to achieve a pleasing look.

The two brass rods are the hinges. After a bit of scratching of the old noggin' I came up with away to make the door open and close. I had looked at hinges for doll's houses and tried to make a hinge using brass rod and wire. But I was not too sure they would stand up to wargaming use. So the solution was to measure in 5mm from the one side the door and then drill down using 0.8mm drill in a pin vice. I had marked out the door then cut it out then drilled further into the now separate door. The wire is 0.8mm thick.

The internal wall in position. Door closed.

Now with door open. It works fine. So I hope it will stand up to regular use during games.  

Now it's starting to take shape. The toilet and shower base are 1/50th scale architectural models. There is wall mounted sink in the corner opposite the shower base. I picked these up from  EMA Model Supplies. The shower head is a cut done spare IDF swing mount 1/72 scale for a turret mounted MG.

The fire extinguisher is a cut down piece of plastic sprue, like used before on the D9 tractor (see other blog). The wall mount is plastic channel and the sign is from Hasslefree.  

That's it for now. More to follow...


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