Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Habitat One....Part3


So in the last post the habitat had three walls and here are the three pieces for the missing wall plus the two windows I've made to fill in the open window gaps(!).

Weathered with MIG Ammo Track Wash and chipping with sponge using MIG Ammo 'Chipping' colour. The pipe conduits are just lengths of plastic square and rod. With plastic channel for the brackets. The exposed wire is copper jewellery wire about 1mm thick.

The windows are clear plastic sheet with 0.5mm strip for the surrounds on both sides. Not sure how thick the clear styrene is; 0.5mm or less. I picked it up at the local hobby store and I did not see any dimensions. I've chipped both sides of the window frame and put a thinned Track Wash around what will be in the internal part of the frame. Though the windows will probably be the last part to be added.

Starting to take shape now. Some of the details will be hidden once the furniture goes in. Once that is in place I will probably do some more weathering to tie everything together. 

You can just make out in this photo the gap between the two wall pieces. Again once furniture goes in some of that will be hidden. It's not down to a bad fit by Sarissa, but because I added paint layers before assembly and clearly in this case did not rub the paint off the lugs enough to get a good connection. So to remedy I added strips of plasticard to the outside.

Next was to paint. Masked off the surrounded area and airbrushed a coat of paint on. Thinking about it now maybe I should have done it in a different colour?  Anyway will leave as is. The hatch on the roof is from Zinge Industries.

The frame fits the hole cut into the MDF on the basic model perfectly. But this is the best part.

Yep it opens. Just a case of pushing the hatch top onto the frame and it clicks in place. Hinge built into the model piece. I think it's the 🐕's 🍒's.

That's it for now more to follow soon.....


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