Friday, 9 June 2017

Shout Out for The BigRedBat...

Storage! What to put your hard painted figures in to keep them safe and then where to store the storage boxes. Woe to the pressures of wargaming, how do we cope!

Well sometimes lovely people like Simon Miller akaTheBigRedBat come to the rescue. It was apparent that storing the AvP miniatures was going to be problematic mainly due the long curly Xenomorph tails. I sort of experimented with foam trays but was not overly confident that was the best solution.

Then I recalled that in the bigredbatshop, Simon sold pre-cut steel sheet to fit in a Really Useful 4L Box. Now I had already bought some (for another project), but I thought this could be just the ticket!

So a quick test proved even the longest tailed Xenomorph will fit in the 4L box. Like so...

So I ordered some 3mmx1mm magnets from first4magnets. Then using a 3mm bit on the Dremel put two holes into each base and here you go....

I little bit of tape on the drill bit to mark the right depth meant I was not going to go straight through the base, and an already painted base at that. Not sure if they require two magnets and I did not want to use my larger hand drill on resin bases, hence a larger drill bit for a larger magnet. 3mm was the largest drill bit I could get to fit in the chuck on the Dremel.

I'm fairly confident the 4L box will not hold the Queen or Royal Guard models standing upright, but a 1.5L Really Useful box should suffice.

I little bit of un-scientific shaking proved they were not going to move around the box. The most important thing is that now I have secure storage place for them.

So ordered some more steel sheet, this may just become my favourite storage method...we shall see.

That's if for now more to follow soon......
P.S. Simon also sells 3mmx2mm magnets if you want to take up the challenge and drill deeper into your resin bases.    


  1. Great idea, Mark. A friend of mine buys magnetic stickers specifically shaped for his bases, and they work very well in his eyes. But for me, I don't like the extra bit of height they add to the bases. This idea seems a lot better :-)

    1. I used to use the stickers but I went off them for the same reason. The magnets can't be noticed. So much better.