Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The Grimes Family

Rick, Lori and Carl grimes from Mantic Games The Walking Dead. 

Hard plastic figures which are great to paint and come with integral base. I've tried to stick to the colours from the comics except for Lori who should be wearing a check shirt. But since I really detest painting checks I bombed out and painted her in a dark blue overshirt/jacket.

Being a fan of the comic and TV series it was a no brainer that I was going to have to take a big bite out this franchise. (sorry... terrible puns).

Having visited the Games Expo at beginning of June, and chatted to the guys on the Mantic stand (who are always very pleasant), I have been informed that the licence has been renewed and new releases should be straight to retail, no more Kickstarters. So good news everyone....

Also had a gander at the 4Ground, Walking Dead demo game. Again very nice people and some great  modern American scenery. My long term goal is to build a couple of terrain boards. Nice looking buildings etc. can be had from 4ground, Sarissa and TTcombat. There may be others but those are the one's which have caught my eye so far.

That's it for now more to follow soon...



  1. Lovely paint job on these Mark, I have just started watching the series and I am hooked.

  2. Thanks Pat. It is an excellent series. I highly recommend 'Fear the Walking Dead' too, if you haven't watched it.

  3. I've still got this starter game packed away, Mark, and your quality paint-jobs are a real encouragement to open it up and paint up the Grimes family myself. Outstanding work. lots of lovely colour with all the red and blues. Top faces too :-)

    1. Thank you Simon. I usually stay away from bright colours, but I'm getting braver:)