Monday, 18 September 2017

For the Motherland!!!

A return to my favourite period...WW2 Eastern Front and in 20mm no less. I real return to my youth!

So first up a Tank Rider Platoon

The figures are AB Figures/Fighting 15's. To be more specific they are AB Figures now part of Eureka (from Down Under) and are available from Fighting 15's in the UK. Very nice little figures and fun to paint.

They are based on Warbases one penny trays. Original bought for another project I decided to make use of them here. These ones did not have the hole for a magnet, so a quick ten minutes with the Dremel and 3mmx2mm magnets could be inserted into the base. The figures are mounted on 1p coins (obviously :-)).
Based for use with Chain of Command by Toofatlardies. Each squad consists of an NCO, LMG team and SMG team.

My sudden exuberance for all things magnet, meant it was an easy choice to use the MDF bases both to speed up movement on the games table and for ease of storage ( see earlier posts).

So we have three squads plus an officer. Intend to add some support weapons plus a rifle platoon. I've decided to concentrate my forces initially for the Summer of 1943 and just after.
That's it for now more to follow soon... 



  1. Awesome stuff Mark G, and at a reduced scale too!! Lovely stuff, and some very nice group shots too. I bet they look awesome on the tabletop :-)

    1. Thank you Simon. Once I get their opponents done then I plan plenty of table top action:) !!!!

  2. Superb painting as always Mark and the new AB Russian figures are on my shopping list.

    1. Thank you Pat. Very nice sculpts and great to paint.