Sunday, 13 August 2017


Been a while since last post, partly because I have got side tracked off the Aliens project and partly because I have spent the last two weeks finishing off this....

Soviet BT-7 light tank. The model is from Warlord Games and is a nice little kit. Also it's not actually mine. I have done it for a good wargaming Buddy; who I must offer an apology too for taking so long to finish it off.

The kit was given to me pre-built and undercoated in black. So I touched up the undercoat and painted it with Vallejo Air Camouflage Light Green 71006. This is what she looked like after the initial colour and chipping (using the hairspray method).

I decided I wanted to make her look like a old Russian warhorse, tired and worn. Hence the light green colour to represent too much time spent in the sun!

Then it was on with the weathering using enamel filters, enamel washes, oil paint and pigments. Slowly building the colours up to represent wear and tear.

Now I have to get her to the rightful owner and hope he is happy with the finished product.

That's it for now more to follow....  



  1. Outstanding stuff, Mark. It might have taken a while to finish, but those sort of techniques you've used take patience and time, and the final result is well worth the effort in my opinion. Awesome, simply awesome :-)

    1. Thank you so much. It is also fun to see how the model starts to charge with each added colour/technique.